About Paulaine

Paulaine is a new brand, created in 2022, which offers knitting patterns including a detailed booklet on each step of realization to reach the end of your project with serenity!

Embellished with diagrams, photos, glossaries and videos, the booklet accompanies you step by step to make you discover all the techniques used.

I hope that you will travel with me in the world of knitting!


Our values


Knitting is first and foremost a way to enjoy yourself, by taking the time to make a garment or an accessory by hand. By offering patterns that are accessible to everyone, Paulaine wants everyone to be able to find something they like in our range.


The proposed patterns wish to offer a new dimension to knitting enthusiasts and by making them travel around the world.


Paulaine wants to discover all the techniques that allow you to feel comfortable with knitting and to overcome the barriers of doubts and uncertainties.